You can contact me by email using progchick AT gmail.com or follow me on twitter as @Chrissie_c


Chrissie Caulfield was born at a very young age and was obviously going to be a musician as she started playing Beatles songs on an out-of-tune guitar before she was 5. Oh actually no, everyone did that. Her musical career took off when she discovered that with sufficient amplification and and inordinate amount of effects pedals, a violin could actually make interesting noises without all that tedious messing about with conservatoire training.


During a brief spell touring she learned the value of 'swagging' alcohol off the band's rider, how to be "not entirely useless" at supermariokart, and just how big Poland actually is. Her time with the ill-fated band Catscans featured headlining performances in obscure Leeds pubs with audiences that sometimes even turned up.


Her highest accolade was being described, in 2011, as "…the first person ever to play on one of my albums who is not from Rushden". Since then her career has not looked back, or forward, or indeed sideways.

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